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The princess is always forced to blacken

The princess is always forced to blacken

The princess is always forced to blacken

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    The princess is always forced to blacken
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    Snow falling lotus
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In troubled times, the winner is the king and the loser is the Kou. The change of dynasties is the product of the times there was a princess Rao Rao in the Qin Dynasty. When she was young, her country broke down and her family died. She witnessed the tragic death of her parents. When her parents died, she was told not to take revenge and not to be destroyed by hatred. They just wanted her to live well the Su family has a dandy lecherous daughter. The dandy is also perverse. Because he is greedy for the appearance of Prince Ji Yue's son in the cloud palace, he climbed the wall to peep. As a result, he fell face to the ground, knocked on his temple and died at present, the princess of the subjugated country has become a dandy and ugly girl of the Su family. In this troubled world, the country has broken and the family has perished. Her parents' blood feud is intertwined with their last wishes. She can't sleep every night. How should she

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