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Back to 90 hours

Back to 90 hours

Back to 90 hours

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    Back to 90 hours
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    Midnight star rain
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    Passion Novel
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2022-08-09 09:14:08
[daily article of the age] when Zhong Yu, who was still a mother and fetus solo at the age of 30, opened her eyes and went back to 1996, she vowed not to be a salted fish in her life study hard! Work hard to earn money! Buy more houses! Take your family out of poverty and get rich step by step in addition, she has another wish. As Han Yisheng's wife fan, she wants to catch up with Bai moonlight, win Bai moonlight and make Bai moonlight her husband in her life therefore, based on the principle of getting the moon first, he deliberately entered a university in the same place as Bai Yueyue in the same year, chasing him, teasing him and confessing him. It never occurred to me that... an actor and a doctor were two people who were out of reach and unrelated, because one was "deliberate", the other was "soft and hard", and finally "a bell fish and a Sheng".

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