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The mother star has been robbed and quenched into a Phoenix

The mother star has been robbed and quenched into a Phoenix

The mother star has been robbed and quenched into a Phoenix

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    The mother star has been robbed and quenched into a Phoenix
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    The sea laughs at the moon vv
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2022-06-30 08:57:54
In ancient times, the goddess of heaven could not bear the death of ordinary people. She sacrificed herself to kill the evil god, but she became a corpse demon, entangled with evil Qi and abandoned by heaven and earth. Ying Long admires the female bird. He made the "Lingxiao" from the broken dragon horn, and gave the Lingxiao as a keepsake to the female bird, who fled to the ruins. Ying Long spared no effort to help Dayu control the flood, and finally activated the ancient artifact merit seal. The merit seal broke through the prohibition of heaven and earth, and the woman was able to enter the reincarnation in this life, Wei Yuanyu (reincarnation of female Xiao) followed her path to the "huowa botanical garden" in order to find the missing lover Xiao Shao (reincarnation of Lingxiao). However, due to fate, she was selected by the "infinite building" of the high-dimensional space to become a tester. The limitless building was created by a higher civilization in the world. It should be robbed and present, linked to the planet that is about to be washed by the end of the day, and give all sentient beings the opportunity to evolve and become stronger. In the increasingly difficult survival trial, Wei Yuanyu achieved the continuous advancement of the life level, and forged a life and death friendship with his guide mentor Gou site (Ying Long's reincarnation) and his breakthrough partner Suan Qianlong (Gou site's separation), but he broke up again due to the unveiling of the mystery of Xiao Shao's disappearance the Apocalypse level catastrophe came to the mother planet. Wei Yuanyu met gost again during the reversal of fate. They abandoned their past grievances, tried their best to protect the fire of human civilization in the whirlpool of evil, and climbed to the extreme peak of life evolution hand in hand. There, Wei Yuanyu saw their previous lives. It turned out that all love and hate disputes had their origin and inheritance. She finally released her mind and smiled at gost and watched the stars grow bright.

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