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Deep in time, love is not late

Deep in time, love is not late

Deep in time, love is not late

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    Deep in time, love is not late
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    The smoke did not fall
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    Apple novel
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The feeling of falling in love at first sight is really wonderful. Since seeing her, president Yu has changed his previous life's image of being close, cold and precious. He found that after they live in the opposite door, they are more advantaged to rub rice the girl's languid and cold breath makes him intoxicated, but he finds that she has many unknown aspects. President Yu is secretly happy: Hey, only I know one day, someone who quarreled with his girlfriend got drunk in the bar and slept in the company for several days. He vowed to revive his husband! However, as soon as they see someone else, they immediately grasp the corner of their clothes and say, "don't you love me anymore!" they have to go home holding hands and confidently: "if you don't hold hands, what can I do if you lose me?" Jiang qianrao: "virtue, who likes you?" president Yu: "then you don't have to hold hands if you kiss me." Jiang qianrao: "... An old man is coquettish, I can't hold it!