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The filthy earth reincarnates in the heavens

The filthy earth reincarnates in the heavens

The filthy earth reincarnates in the heavens

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    The filthy earth reincarnates in the heavens
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    Feifei Feifei
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    Garden Novel
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2023-04-15 21:37:34
[the new book "the card master of Marvel world" has been published] "Yin Si Xu Chen, the art of filthy soil reincarnation!" looking at the five coffins rising slowly, Zhao Bei suddenly knelt down and grabbed the ground with his head, choking his voice "The ghost clan is about to invade, and I'm afraid I'm in danger of subjugating the country and destroying species in summer! Zhao Bei, the son of the 56th generation of emperor in summer, pleads with your ancestors to defend my territory and protect my people!" ... Zhao Bei, who died in the battle in xuanhuang City, was reborn and posted to the account. however, the invasion of the ghost clan is imminent. In order not to repeat the tragedy, I, Zhao Bei, will be crowned king in this life! in one sentence, I will "use the filthy soil to regenerate and start, integrate the abilities of all worlds, carry the heavens and fight against the ghost clan, the enemy of the living spirit" (there are millions of old books, and you can watch them at ease after finishing this book)

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