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Locke prehistoric Chronicle

Locke prehistoric Chronicle

Locke prehistoric Chronicle

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    Locke prehistoric Chronicle
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    The earth is God
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    Lava Novel
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2022-05-01 08:42:05
Based on the official background setting of Locke Kingdom and Locke elf war record game 'Locke' is a chronicle of ten thousand years, derivative creation, and a collection of medium and short stories ----------------- before the lockers came to karoshia, before the birth of Locke Kingdom forgotten by Locke and washed away by time more than 20000 years ago, Locke's ancestors appeared on this planet and established a kingdom dominated by 16 gods in the same period, nightmares invaded, and he and his minions quietly affected the whole world more than 10000 years ago, the nightmare broke through the seal again, and many ancient heroes of Locke shed their blood and disappeared in this long river of history... buried under the rock star for thousands of years, which can not be sealed in this world unlock this unspeakable ancient century ----------------- PS: if the protagonist is not fixed, it will replace the existing protagonist with the advance of the time axis in the novel there are a large number of Locke Kingdom pets, elves, Locke CP and CP powder ecstasy in this series of novels (P ≥ w ≤ q).

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