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I have a baby in a rich family

I have a baby in a rich family

I have a baby in a rich family

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    I have a baby in a rich family
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    Peiqiong noodles
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[President Jianjiao] × Close combat champion] [Shuangjie + Shuangchong] Mu Jinyan, President of Mu's group, was born with picturesque looks and amazing looks. He hated women very much, but he was molested and tied up by a woman on a dark and windy night. The woman forced him to call his sister. Mu Jinyan smiled sarcastically: sister, do you deserve it later, he reached a deal with this woman and helped her become the president of the group, but the woman disappeared six years later, the delicate and beautiful young man really grew into a tyrannical president of demons. Xia Xingzhi wanted to return his son, but he was clasped in his arms by a man in the corner. His eyes were still clean and the tip of his nose was against each other: sister, I'll give you whatever you want, including me Meng Bao chapter: Xia Xiaobao grew up to 3 years old in the temple. Just before returning home, he was taken by mommy to have his DNA tested. Not only that, he also had a daddy and became the only legitimate grandson of the Mu family. Watching Mommy, who has been the champion of close combat for two consecutive times, flirt with her sick daddy and make the Mu family jump like chickens and dogs, the young master Mu covered his face and sighed, Can I apply to go back to the temple again? But it didn't last long. Mommy suddenly disappeared six years later, Xia Xiaobao saw mommy again. With daddy's entrustment, he flopped down and knelt in front of mommy and cried loudly: after Mommy left, I endured humiliation and suffered all kinds of torture at Mu's home. Mommy quickly saved me! Then... Then they saw the young master of Mu family holding his newborn sister and laughing like a fool.

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