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The governor s small work will leave again

The governor s small work will leave again

The governor s small work will leave again

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    The governor s small work will leave again
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    Contradictory orange
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2022-08-07 22:49:01
All the people in Beijing took pity on the daughter of the Chen family. On the wedding night, the governor robbed her of her marriage. The valiant bridegroom was separated from her and had to live with the governor or, if you don't want to be lonely, you will end up in a pig cage governor Wang knocked on the handsome eunuch next to him with his fan bone. "I heard that I robbed you?" Chen Yuan was excited, "nonsense, it's clearly me... Who deceived governor Wang's pure young man." governor Wang righted his Python robe and raised his lips with a sneer, "which is more interesting to keep alive or soak in a pig cage?" under the authority of the proposition, Chen Yuan was in a hurry to get wisdom, "Of course, it's the most interesting thing to be a pawn of the governor." "Oh, I was scolded as a court Eagle dog. You should be my pawn. OK, this case belongs to you." "thank you, governor!" "HMM?" "thank you for giving me the opportunity to investigate the case!"

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