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Those years in Edo

Those years in Edo

Those years in Edo

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    Those years in Edo
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    Big cake sauce
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    Light Novel
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2021-11-30 10:02:15
In the sixth year of Jiayong, the black boat knocked at Edo Bay, breaking the centuries old dream of peace in the Oriental island country. Ukiyo painting was eclipsed, and the soul song of the town was about to play. Since then, the bloody storm has blown away the last flashiness of the Edo era. The founding faction and Suoguo faction have been arguing endlessly. The public military integration faction and the emperor respecting and bustling foreigners faction have been fighting each other. The Zuomi faction and the Daomu faction have slaughtered each other. After you sing, I will come on stage. Whether generals, Daiming, vassal, Langshi, Machi and farmers are involved, If you can't extricate yourself from the abyss of hell... PS: This is a story of a Edo teenager who was forced to open business and braved the wind and waves in the bloody rain at the end of the curtain!