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I cultivate immortality by prudence

I cultivate immortality by prudence

I cultivate immortality by prudence

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    I cultivate immortality by prudence
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    That's what I said
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-16 05:17:37
As a practitioner, minran has been committed to the great cause of life and careful survival. But she seems to be... Doing a little better during a certain experience, many practitioners fell into a trap the devil laughed: "you're dead if you're caught in the devil's prison burning intestines!" everyone panicked Devil: "unless you have the root soil of the ceiling as a guide!" congregation practitioners: who cares about that kind of thing minran silently opened the storage ring, found the storage bag marked 564, and poured out a lot of soil at the root of the ceiling demon head: "... Without the sarcophagus powder containing my own bones, there is also a dead end!" minran silently pulled out the No. 619 storage bag demon head: "... And the thousands of years of mud in hell and the sea, and the snow on the top of polar icebergs..." holding the expectation of all practitioners, I felt embarrassed to pick them up for a while, and piled them all in front of the demon head. When the demon head vomited blood, I smiled shyly, "thank you for your help, otherwise I really don't know how to detoxify." demon head: "... Poof!" Spit blood three liters, pawn (no CP immortal Xia article, please support ~)

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