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Tianfu Yunxian

Tianfu Yunxian

Tianfu Yunxian

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    Tianfu Yunxian
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    Gobi saplings
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    Garden Novel
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2021-12-05 09:19:59
This is a troubled world based on symbols and rampant demons. Here, the Terrans build cities and fortresses, and the aristocratic family keeps talisman soldiers. The strong can fly to the sky and escape from the earth, and the weak are only worthy of blood food * she has a mysterious origin. She is a rare cultivation wizard in ten thousand years, but she grew up in the Jiuyuan mountain surrounded by animals she is the child raised by the Sirius king and the strong of the Terran. She is the hope of the world she has the chivalry of the strong man of the human race and the wild nature of the wolf family she has six masters, three elder martial brothers and three elder martial sisters, all of whom have extraordinary origins, but no one believes them this is the growth story of a savage younger martial sister *********************************************************************************.

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