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Creation documentary

Creation documentary

Creation documentary

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    Creation documentary
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    Singing neutron star
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2023-03-19 07:26:34
If you had an empty universe, how would you cultivate civilization from planets, satellites, stars to star clusters and river systems from thin interstellar matter to black holes to quasars capture the stars and fabricate celestial bodies sub humans similar to humans, giant Titans, winged dragons... Silicon-based life, mechanical planets, pure information bodies, and unparalleled nebular life were born in them from the initial fantasy civilization, to the following scientific and technological civilization, to digital life and civilization fragments that only exist in the closed-loop time... all kinds of life appear and grow from it "on the 7th, I want to pinch a star to provide light for Zhiyuan star, but I don't have so much energy." LUO Huan, the creator's horse, the three good citizens, the supernumerary creation, the human who used to work for the boss and now works for the creator, asked his honest and reliable partner who never cheated the silver square brick lying on his shoulder stretched: "paste a map, or put a projection to perfunctory."

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