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Doomsday reincarnation game

Doomsday reincarnation game

Doomsday reincarnation game

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    Doomsday reincarnation game
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    Flying monkey
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    Garden Novel
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2021-12-02 23:49:27
When the end came, mankind was driven into the tower. All around are monsters, death, killing, madness, with everyone to survive in such a world. Then only participate in the reincarnation game Ji RI has come to this world. He is about to participate in a reincarnation game. Pass, live. Failure, death confusion, confusion, fear. All this made him very uncomfortable. Suddenly there was a shocking whisper in my ear [you're about to participate in the reincarnation game. Unfortunately, where are you coming from and where are you going to die?] [however, you're lucky to meet my second ranking - s-2-true spirit eye!] [what? You ask who the first ranking is? Is there that thing? That fool dares to rank ahead of me!!!] [the great true spirit eye secretly tells you that the female NPC in front of you is a boss, with a height of 1.7 meters, a chest circumference of E and a leg length of 1.6 meters. She wears pink underwear. Her hobby is watching handsome guys and chasing dramas. You can try holding big and long legs. Maybe this level will pass directly.] [God! I'm just a poor, weak and helpless little eye. How can I defeat each other? What, there is black crystal to eat! Do you want him to die sideways or stand, or do you want him to ride on his head, or wave thousands of swords to kill him. Or do you wear gold armor and spit to kill the monster.] [no black crystal? Get out!] Human beings are trapped in high towers, and death threats follow. Only by participating in the reincarnation game can they survive. Sad and strange, the fighting of reincarnation, the struggle for power, and the funny eyes of the true spirit. Everything is in the doomsday reincarnation game

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