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The other shore of liuheji

The other shore of liuheji

The other shore of liuheji

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    The other shore of liuheji
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    Her Majesty the Witch
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    Garden Novel
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2021-12-19 00:10:58
The upper and lower four directions are the universe, which has been called the universe since ancient times. The upper, lower, left, right, front and rear of heaven and earth are the six harmonies, and the East, West, South, north, northeast, Southeast, southwest and northwest are the eight wastelands. For hundreds of millions of years, in the long process of evolution, the planets in the universe take the midpoint connected by the year-old central stone and the heart of Six Harmonies as the center of the circle, rotate clockwise, and gradually spread a huge Tai Chi on the sky. The year-old central stone becomes the Yin eye of this huge Tai Chi, and the heart of Six Harmonies is the Yang eye after hundreds of millions of years of polishing, the heart of Six Harmonies has evolved into a purple hexahedral crystal. There are six realms derived from the six sides, namely, the cultivation realms, the human realms, the underworld, the Shura realms, the dark night realms and the Buddha realms. They are on the same time line and staggered in space I don't know how many years have passed, the six realms derived from the heart of Six Harmonies have given birth to the master of face position and the accompanying throne of face position, which integrates the Qi of heaven and earth. The birth of the six interface Lord greatly consumed the energy of the heart of the six harmonies, resulting in the imbalance of Taiji Yin and Yang in the formation of the nebula when the year-old central stone disappears, the heart of Six Harmonies also changes back to its body and falls into the Six Harmonies and eight wastelands derived from it. The six plane masters take turns to guard it. The energy is temporarily balanced. The nebula continues to run around the original position of the year-old central stone and the heart of six harmonies. The disappearance of the year-old central stone marks the end of the ancient era and the beginning of the chaotic era does the situation create heroes, or do Heroes create momentum? In the new era, who will dominate the changes in the world. Perhaps the peerless woman named Feng Luotian can really destroy the world and change a rule for the world.

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