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Forbidden heavenly power

Forbidden heavenly power

Forbidden heavenly power

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    Forbidden heavenly power
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    Dream says Millennium
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    Mp3 Books
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Kendo has no cliffs, and there are many powers in the sky in order to ascend to the top of the sword and wield the power of heaven, the young man opened up a realm of sword that is not allowed by heaven and earth. Unexpectedly, the sword Qi broke his heart that day, committed a heavenly sin and imprisoned the abyss of sin for thousands of years through the ages, the heart of heaven is broken and countless powers are scattered there are often children of Qi and fortune who skillfully seize the power of heaven, weave Tao, Dharma and Dharma, and build their own "system", or sign in to the heavens, or open the book to understand the Dharma... They grow willfully, cross the world and take charge of the power of heaven however, those with heaven's power override heaven's way with various "systems" that violate heaven's reason, which also makes heaven's reason out of order, the forbidden Road, the chaos of yin and Yang, and the impermanence of life and death... after all ages, the young man confessed his sin and was born. In the name of "sin king", he accepted heaven's orders, executed his sentence and reduced his sin, received heaven's power, forged heaven's heart and maintained heaven's reason.

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