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The most stable prince in history

The most stable prince in history

The most stable prince in history

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    The most stable prince in history
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    Qingdeng storyteller
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2022-06-25 00:43:02
My father started with a bowl and ended with the world's Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang. My mother is a famous empress MA in history. My father-in-law is the Kaiping king who can recruit 100000 soldiers. My teacher is Li Shanchang, the first literary Minister of Xiao He's founding I also have a second brother who wants to eat all the delicious food in the world and collect all the beauties in the world. There is a third brother who wants to collect money from all over the world, absorb rare and different goods from China, and take charge of the wealth of the world. There is a fourth younger brother, who is good at fighting. He pursues exile in the desert, sweeps holes and ploughs the court. He even says that anyone who dares to have a bad minister in the world should be killed. There is also a fifth younger brother, who is more ambitious in his life: archaeological evidence, identifying doubts and mistakes, collecting a wide range of books, and compiling a medical masterpiece for all people in the world... and I am unprecedented and will never come back. He is the most stable prince in history.

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