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Bright sword: rise from entrusted quilt factory

Bright sword: rise from entrusted quilt factory

Bright sword: rise from entrusted quilt factory

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    Bright sword: rise from entrusted quilt factory
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    Flying dragon
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    Woske Novel
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2023-05-24 04:34:05
The soul wore a bright sword and became Li Yunlong, who was rolled to the quilt factory. He thought he had to follow Lao Li's old path unexpectedly, the divine farming system was awakened, so the director of the best quilt and clothing factory was born exchange for super seeds, resist disease and waterlogging, ignore seasons, and yield 10000 Jin per mu exchange weapons, build a convoy, American weapons, planes and tanks, everything boss: let Li Yunlong stop pretending and hurry to be the head of the independent regiment Lao Li: boss, I want to be the factory director brigadier general: Li Yunlong, do you still want me to ask you to go Lao Li: brigade commander, I'll be the factory director. Everyone in our Eighth Route Army has clothes and meat to eat after that, Lao Li cheered up to his million escort team: "our slogan is! Eat meat every day! Drink every day! Only fight little devils, no pain, no small money!"

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