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His sweet crisp heart

His sweet crisp heart

His sweet crisp heart

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    His sweet crisp heart
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    Light ink brocade clothes
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2022-05-22 15:18:51
Xia Qianyu accidentally crossed into a human world with animal genes and became the most unpopular drag bottle in the first family in Dongqi district from then on, she was forced to wear an apron and became a unpaid "humble" maid of the Fu family even if there is no salary, everyone doesn't take her as an outsider snake girl friend: Xia Xia, when I shed my skin to find you, you can help me sneak into Fu's house and I'll kill that scum man Xia Qianyu: OK sister rabbit: big dog, I want to be a person Xia Qianyu: no problem Langyan confidant: Yuyu, I want to give you a loving hug Xia Qianyu: please land on all fours and leave ice snow smart Xia Qianyu can save teammates like sand sculptures and conquer raptors, but she doesn't dare to be presumptuous in front of Fu Yunxiao it hurts because it bites people Xia Qianyu always wanted to find out what the animal genes in Fu Yunxiao's body were Fu Yunxiao: would you like to know Xia Qianyu: Yes Fu Yunxiao: come to my room and show you Xia Qianyu: (⊙ ⊙) ︴ (powerful bigwig with black belly & amp; sweet, salty, tender and tender young biological genius with black belly)

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