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I m obscene in comic DC

I m obscene in comic DC

I m obscene in comic DC

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    I m obscene in comic DC
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    A soldier 55
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    Free Novel!
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Zhou Feng has crossed the DC cartoon universe of purgatory difficulty, where there are many top gods. Zhou Feng decided to develop obscene temporarily. After Gou developed for 30 years, he became a golden immortal and a superior God just when Zhou Feng feels stable, the system tells Zhou Feng that all the heavenly objects you get from the system will produce the advent of the heavens Earth III and Gu Aotian joined the crime syndicate the unrighteous universe and Darius joined the yellow lantern army and turned into a Super Saiyan TIFFA and Claude opened a restaurant called seventh heaven, and fire fist ace joined Batman dark multiverse minus 12. Qi Tian Da Sheng killed Batman with God of war helmet and saved Wonder Woman heroes robbed the world, ADA and Sanguang struggled to survive on the earth of the main universe 0, Longzhu Wukong looks for the hermit p52 old Superman every day Virgil even formed a team with Zha Kang. Lucifer caught the angel Hexi and The Death Master, saw the rule death of endless families, immortals vs. anti watchers, chaos demon vs. monsters. The three brothers in charge of Hongmeng discussed the Supreme God, the unjust universe, the eternal evil, the dakside war, rebirth, metal, and other major events. Major comic events and a small number of animation plots are mainly used, and no film plots are written.

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