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Daqin, rebellion was overheard by ZuLong

Daqin, rebellion was overheard by ZuLong

Daqin, rebellion was overheard by ZuLong

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    Daqin, rebellion was overheard by ZuLong
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    Just forget it
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2022-05-31 02:55:48
Through the Qin Dynasty, Wang Yuan became the illegitimate son of Ying Zheng, the first emperor of Qin at the same time, the system told him that Gou could become an immortal in the Han Dynasty that's it don't you just have hands "your majesty! Zhao gaonai is an amazing genius. He was granted the title of Prince. With his assistance to childe Hu Hai, he can definitely ensure the peace of the Qin Dynasty!" [ha ha! Brother Zhao changed the imperial edict and killed Fu Su and Meng Tian!] Ying Zheng: "... " your majesty! Master Xu Fuxian will be able to ask for fairy pills and prosper the country with prescriptions this time! " [brother Xu, run away quickly and kill the drug addict!] Ying Zheng: ".... " your majesty! The great Qin Dynasty will destroy the Xiongnu!! " [as long as the Xiongnu people are not fools, this wave is absolutely stable!] Ying Zheng:".... three years later, Ying Zheng, who returned to his youth, pointed to the world map and Liu Bang's head in front of him and replaced the throne: "Yuaner, the country will be handed over to you. Change the country name to Han!" "being a father is going to be happy!" Wang Yuan: "??" !!! Overhead history, events will be rearranged!!!

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