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This player is so good at whole life

This player is so good at whole life

This player is so good at whole life

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    This player is so good at whole life
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    Wage earners
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    Light Novel
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2022-09-22 22:26:18
Gu Qian accidentally obtained the e-sports system as an old bookworm, Gu Qian has read many cool articles of the hero League. As long as the protagonist gets the system, it must be punching faker, kicking rookie and getting the s-crown with a smile, Gu Qian seemed to see that he would kill Canyon alone and reach the peak of his life in the future "hahaha, I'm the chosen one and the only one! It's incumbent on me to recast the glory of LPL!" ... wait, why is my system a lie win system for others as a result, we found that Pilsen, the king of North American law, and the elder martial brother of North American magic god suddenly returned to the peak, which was outrageous this year, the North American cult TSM made a comeback... jankos: in terms of program effect, Gu Qian is the king of the whole life showmaker: I believe that TSM can have the dominant position now, and sorrymaker has contributed a lot... If you encounter sorrymaker, the top four will be successful elder martial brother: Gu Qian's joining makes me want to talk about that sentence. I'm not aiming at you, I mean that everyone here is rubbish audience members: the sorrymaker can enter the world competition. Bilson and senior brother are fully responsible for it GU Qian shrugged: I don't know who is better than canyon. I only know that I win every time.

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