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Looking north and returning South

Looking north and returning South

Looking north and returning South

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    Looking north and returning South
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    Oranges growing on trees
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2022-08-06 11:42:43
For most people, the path chosen by following the "path of minimum resistance" is the easiest to walk and the pressure is the least. However, they are relieved to choose another path with the greatest resistance for her - to be with Cheng Yi. It should have been two people who couldn't hit eight poles, because they met by all kinds of chance; It's just that I met, but I also had some feelings and sprouted some "shouldn't have" ideas. From the beginning, their feelings were not valued and blessed by everyone, but she had to stick to it foolishly and endure from her youth to her youth. However, can such persistence make them go to the end? With the crowd surging, does he still have enough courage to resist the surging ridicule? And can she still be willing to run to him across the sea of people after reading all the thousands of sails?

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