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Later Jin Dynasty big landlords

Later Jin Dynasty big landlords

Later Jin Dynasty big landlords

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    Later Jin Dynasty big landlords
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    Innocent dream
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-16 15:57:54
Wang Cheng crossed through the later Jin Dynasty, but there is something wrong with the history here there are Qin emperor and Han Wu, but there are only three kingdoms. it turns out that this is a parallel world similar to ancient China. the Han Dynasty was directly destroyed by Sima Yi in the Late Jin Dynasty, Emperor Wu of Jin restored the enfeoffment system, and then there was the chaos of the eight kings, then there was the chaos of the five random Hua after crossing, Wang Cheng found that it was only four years away from Wu Hu Luanhua and the place where he wears it is fan County, Shu County, Yizhou, this is the first stop of Wuhu Luanhua what else can he do? Of course, we split up first many years later, he unified the world and subdued barbarians. he did not claim to be king or emperor, he was still just a landlord but the land of the whole world is his, this is really the king's land in the world, leading the land, is it the king's minister.

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