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From the dark cage

From the dark cage

From the dark cage

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4902 ratings
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    From the dark cage
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    Dead Dragon Mage
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2023-04-25 19:44:29
After crossing, his will merged with the darkness, became a pure dark creature, and was born in the perfect world after birth, looking at the big bird in front of me, I not only have some doubts are you my mother? Not are you my father? Neither are you my son I am the swallow bird, you are the son of darkness it starts with a strange choice. It can easily erode creatures, control foreign blood and bury strong people. However, be careful of Xianyu and several quasi emperors of his same level however, this is not the most serious problem. The most dangerous thing is the arbitrary emperor of heaven in nine days and ten places, there are talents here. They talk well. I love the dark son here.

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