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Creation of heaven prisoner

Creation of heaven prisoner

Creation of heaven prisoner

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    Creation of heaven prisoner
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    One Vatican one
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    Free Novel
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"Chinese network literature can be traced back to early 1991. On September 14, 1987, Beijing Institute of computer application technology sent China's first e-mail, and the Chinese people completed their first landmark touch on the Internet. "Now it is 2021," under the creation of countless great gods of network literature and the comments and contributions of countless netizens ", they have written network literature, such as immortality, fantasy and so on. Just like the conclusion of "infinite monkey typing", today's network literature "has built a huge world outlook, etc.. This book, the creation of God in heaven prisoner, will take the advantages of today's world outlook of Network Cultivation of immortals, etc., and write a magnificent world. The following describes the basic idea of this book. a spirit grass bath liquid" has been enlightened and obtained by the ancestor of fairy way "for thousands of years "The secret law of the immortal ancestor's Tuina". When "establishing a country for cultivating immortals" was strong, it spread all over the galaxy. It was praised by a billion people and won a respected name. "stirred" the situation in the fairy world to rise again. "Promoted" reform and established a civilization of cultivating immortals. "Sealed a hundred split tiger guards and expanded their territory." established a elders' Association to stabilize the chaos in the fairy world ". "The most beautiful women in the world were kidnapped and bullied by powerful people." "establish Tianxian square", and the women who join Tianxian square will be sheltered. "Ten billion mortals, ten million monks and one hundred thousand true immortals." "war against God" ends the rule of the gods and runs out of spirit!.

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