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My disciple sun shizai is too filial

My disciple sun shizai is too filial

My disciple sun shizai is too filial

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    My disciple sun shizai is too filial
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    Wei wahou
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    Mp3 Books
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2021-12-06 21:11:15
People in the fairyland have just crossed and become the founder of a certain sect at the beginning a large group of disciples and grandchildren gathered around him, hugging his thighs, sniveling and crying hard: "wuwuwu, grandmaster, we have no money! We are so poor that we don't even have pants and underpants!" "wuwuwu, grandmaster, our skills have been sold out, the land has been sold out, and the old capital has run out, so we can't make money!" "Woo woo, grandmaster, we haven't eaten for three days! We're starving!" we used to be the first big door in the world, but we were made like this by these black sheep and grandchildren! what should we do? "don't cry!" Zou Yi roared, "listen to me, now start working in the field and rely on ourselves!"

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