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Small attic old man

Small attic old man

Small attic old man

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    Small attic old man
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    Master San Jie
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    Garden Novel
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Standing in front of you are: the guardian of the Ming Dynasty, the close comrade in arms of Emperor Wanli, the good son of the head of the cabinet, and the world's richest man in the 16th and 17th centuries Zhang Juzheng, the dark hand behind the control of the Ministry of officials for 30 years, the gravedigger of the suzerain vassal system, and Yan Shifan in the mouth of the Donglin Party, was second. Zhang Juzheng shouted invincible Hai Rui's confidant, Xu Wei's boss, Matteo Ricci's shaver, Xu Guangqi and other six champion teachers as a fig leaf in the Ming Dynasty, he is the author of more than 700 books on various disciplines, the inventor of more than 2700 patents, and the founder of modern universities and science the patron saint of overseas Han people, the pioneer of new routes, the maintainer of ocean order, and the contractor of global large-scale projects the culprit of Europe, the adoptive father of Tokugawa Jiakang, the Savior of Sebastian, and a small old cabinet dedicated to the people Xiaoge old book group: 56471661

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