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Blackstone code

Blackstone code

Blackstone code

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    Blackstone code
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2022-01-18 05:56:10
What would you do if you could do it again just like this time, being an ordinary person may be introverted, but the person is unknown. Lie high in the clouds and watch the clouds roll and relax or take the world as the stage, stir up the situation in the world, let the whole world dance around you, and make people's heart beat faster because of your words and deeds write your own laws and set the rules I said. Life is just a few decades, either light yourself or burn the world ============================================ in a strange universe, in a world completely different from what we know, in a new history class, a professor of history department who has been awarded many international academic honors, with his humble, awe and respect, wrote a name on the blackboard - Lynch ====================================== film and television stars: "I know Mr. Lynch, and Mr. Lynch praised my acting skills!" well known writers: "Mr. Lynch has brought me a lot of inspiration for my creation, and my success benefits from his help to me!" sports stars: "I want to thank Mr. Lynch for his guidance and let me find myself in my loss!" Master of Art: "art comes from life, life comes from Lynch!" celebrities: "I shook hands with Mr. Lynch. He is a very amiable and approachable gentleman!" federal dignitaries: "I had dinner with Mr. Lynch. He is very funny and humorous, and his words contain wisdom. He is a great man!" Everyone loves Mr. Lynch. Everyone can't live without him!

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