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Landlord Xiaoyao of the Tang Dynasty

Landlord Xiaoyao of the Tang Dynasty

Landlord Xiaoyao of the Tang Dynasty

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    Landlord Xiaoyao of the Tang Dynasty
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    Golden vegetable
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    Woske Novel
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2022-05-08 20:52:28
The landlord of the Tang Dynasty who returned to Zhenguan with his soul planted fields in a fancy way recalling the Zhenguan world of the Tang Dynasty, there were twenty-four in the Lingyan Pavilion heroes and aspirations take place in vain, and fame and wealth are commented on by future generations the history is magnificent, but there are still some regrets. the calligraphy and pen depiction reproduces the majestic style of the prosperous era five surnames and seven looks? Grasshopper after autumn trouble me? I have a Northwest man, three thousand slaves Li Yu's dream to be the richest landlord Li Yu, who joined the army, was not very satisfied with his identity as a local rich man. He also imagined that it would be more fun if he were the prince's son and grandson... perhaps the great gods of the heavens heard the prayer, or hit the note, and gradually untied the mystery with the mystery of his life experience, It's really the great prince of the emperor's separated people... ... In that case, come on, take a dim view of life and death, and do it if you don't accept it. exterminate Turks, level Tubo, settle Qinghai, develop Lingnan, and travel three times to the Atlantic... fancy farming, blood and heroic horse clothes and corpses, as well as ordinary family elders, short family, three wives and four concubines, East and West. Three teachings and nine streams are superior and inferior. The details reflect the era culture of the feudal dynasty and the complex background. All kinds of big and small people can burst out unique highlights. The same Datang and different stories are worth reading and experiencing

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