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The disease of rebirth

The disease of rebirth

The disease of rebirth

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    The disease of rebirth
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2022-01-14 14:45:08
This article 1v1, conspiracy and struggle, family love more Gong Xiyue felt that the most magical thing she encountered in her life was to be reborn three years later on a weak girl named Jiang Pingle, 14 more magical than her magical school and who, you said you recognized me long ago, and you said you had been secretly in love with me make no mistake. I used to be 7 years older than you. Don't you think I'm an aunt besides, we don't know each other well, do we? I haven't seen each other several times, but I stayed together for so many days after the first meeting so you fell in love with me? I really don't believe it. I'm not beautiful. It's you who else, you say you like me too? That's even more wrong Yes, you and I have a deep relationship, and we can even trade life for life. However, didn't you say that you like your little green plum as for revenge, forget it although I was unwilling to drink that cup of poisonous wine in my previous life, it was voluntary. As for the reason, my head may have been pinched by the door panel well, since I live again, it seems good to be a female emperor in this way, Gong Xiyue was pushed to the throne step by step by people close to him

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