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A gourmet in a different world

A gourmet in a different world

A gourmet in a different world

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    A gourmet in a different world
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    Li Hongtian
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    Health Books
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2023-05-10 17:21:02
There is such a small restaurant in the fantasy world where martial artists can crack mountains and rivers by raising their hands and breaking rivers by shaking their legs small restaurants are not big, but they are a place for countless top players there you can taste fried rice with phoenix eggs and dragon blood rice there you can drink the spirit brewed by the spring of life and Zhuguo there you can eat the ninth order supreme beast meat with black pepper barbecue What, you want to take the cook home? Impossible, because there is a ten order divine beast, hell dog, guarding the door at the door of the restaurant Oh, the chef also has an iron pimple assistant who can crush the top nine with one hand and a group of crazy women who have conquered their stomach discussion group of this book: 550248234 (full) welcome to group 2: 208206733

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