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The wind rises from the east palace

The wind rises from the east palace

The wind rises from the east palace

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    The wind rises from the east palace
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    The waves of water wash my tassels
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    The One Book
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2023-05-10 09:12:00
Living in the East Palace, the crown prince of the country is not only respected by all the people, but also threatened by thousands of blades. Even if it is extremely valuable, the honor and disgrace of life and death depend on the thought of others. Father and son are not good-neighborly, brothers and brothers are fratricidal, layers of fog, and the situation is treacherous. Why should the East Palace TAISUN bear the hatred of his country and family? Each step or facing the abyss, or walking on thin ice, can we cross thousands of twists and turns and turn the Dragon into the sky? When the wind rises in the East Palace, looking back, are the old teenagers still there?

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