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Ruthless Song Dynasty

Ruthless Song Dynasty

Ruthless Song Dynasty

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    Ruthless Song Dynasty
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    Famized book
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2023-06-01 16:17:00
The beginning is hell< Br> without pasture, firearms are unreliable, and there is no grandfather, so you can't sign in. When you think of the future, facing the Mongolian cavalry roaring south, is it possible that the strongest cavalry in history will soon receive a box lunch< Br> Meng Zhixiang, a young man of the Meng family, only thinks of Alexander< Br> fortunately, I have a cheap uncle< Br> as the little nephew of Meng Gong, the "mobile defense master" of the Song Dynasty, I will wait for a while and then take out the iron willed spirit of "killing one is enough and killing two is profitable". I am more ruthless, stronger and powerful than the enemy, and I have won the world< Br> ********* please support and collect< Br> in addition, there are two old books, i.e. the reign of the Ming Dynasty overseas and the construction of a prosperous Tang Dynasty, which have a total of 900000 words. The old authors are updated and stable, and their reputation is guaranteed. You can't wait to have a look.

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