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Recast time and space

Recast time and space

Recast time and space

Rating: 9 / 10 from 4660 ratings
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    Recast time and space
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    Cold sb
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    Free Novel!
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2023-03-07 16:51:49
This is a parallel world full of game rules. Unfortunately, this law is not perfect first came the end of the world, then the recovery of exotic animals, and then ushered in the invasion of extraterritorial creatures... although it is the law of the game, people can't come back from death. After more than 300 years of struggle, human beings gradually gained a foothold the source of all this is because in a game more than 300 years ago, the winner of the game can make a wish, and that person promised to implant the rules of the game into the world, while the teammate who walked with him made a wish to let the end come to the world, thus forming the present world after hundreds of years of struggle, what people want now is to recast this time and space and return everything to the track of the original world.

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