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Chapter of fragmentation: neutron stars

Chapter of fragmentation: neutron stars

Chapter of fragmentation: neutron stars

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    Chapter of fragmentation: neutron stars
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    Embers in the sky
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    52weixin Books
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2023-02-13 12:25:08
When human beings manage human beings, there will always be selfish behavior. No matter how people's moral level rises, this problem can not be solved by human beings, because human beings are human beings, not machines therefore, the whole mankind can only be governed by collective, proven, correct and beneficial decisions for human development; Previously, in order to achieve this goal, human beings created law as the cornerstone of the stable development of society; In order to make it free from loopholes, in the first year of Jiyuan, mankind completely handed over the final power to the artificial intelligence "neutron star", replacing the implementation of laws and the creation of terms when the protagonist Lin Lan was 29 years old, the company made a major breakthrough in research, but its core technology was stolen by an insider installed by Jiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. It was like the first domino to be promoted, and the whole company was destroyed when he was about 30 years old however, one second before he is about to cut himself off, he will cross to Jiyuan in 1035, become an agent employed by neutron star in Shenzhou District Police Bureau, and start his new life. After obtaining the memory, Lin Lan found that there seemed to be something more in his brain, not a system or super power. He was confused about this thing, but he had no choice the protagonist will investigate a series of cases in the Shenzhou region of the earth, where he will intersect with the fate of the neutron star and learn to use the power of "001 reason". With the promotion of his agent level, the whole world seems to be covered with a light fog, like seeing flowers in the fog, which is unpredictable.

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