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I m in Douluo

I m in Douluo

I m in Douluo

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    I m in Douluo
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    Red oil coriander
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2023-03-11 22:15:33
Warm tips: as the title goes, the protagonist Wu soul ascends the dragon sword. You can call the Dragon God to fight, but you have to wait until the later stage this article will make some (large) changes based on the plot and human design of Douluo's original work, especially some controversial male characters (yes, Tang San and Yu Xiaogang). Therefore, readers don't have to worry about the plot of some original works. Please focus on the setting of this book PS: this book contains special photos and other author's private goods. Readers should enter carefully!!! New works, please recommend more collection, welcome suggestions, comments, malicious abuse and so on the following is a brief introduction to the work: Du Huai'an accidentally crossed Douluo. He wanted to seize the opportunity with the help of the plot, but found that the world had moved towards an unknown road at a certain time node why does the blacksmith in holy soul village keep the empty room alone Why did Dean Shrek fight with his parents who wrote the soul breaking the sky, which is popular all over the mainland who is the new son-in-law of haotianzong... curtilage girl who is addicted to concealed weapons and is committed to Literature (BU) and learning (SHI) The little fat man, the talented girl who is proficient in dark cuisine, the handsome and broad-minded sect boy... Du Huai'an met his friends and created many funny stories. In their adventure, the crisis in the shadow gradually surfaced. At the end of evil, is it a crisis or a new world waiting for them?

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