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I am the grand judge

I am the grand judge

I am the grand judge

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    I am the grand judge
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    The dog wants cat meat
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2022-09-23 00:01:51
In the fifteenth year of the divine calendar, there was civil strife in the divine world. The evil judge (evil and positive wind) rebelled. Evil and positive wind, the number one God of war in the divine world, attacked the door of the heavenly temple all the way. The Heavenly Emperor sent a good judge (Wuji) to calm the civil unrest. Wu Ji led 300000 heavenly soldiers to fight evil Zhengfeng and 25 demons. After fighting for three days and three nights, evil Zhengfeng became inferior. Seeing that the general situation is gone, Xie Zhengfeng leads Wu Ji to the immortal killing region. Xie Zhengfeng starts the nine heaven immortal killing array and dies with Wu Ji. So far, the civil strife in the heaven has been calmed down, and the men of evil Zhengfeng have been captured alive, and the good and evil judges have fallen. This civil strife is called "the chaos of gods and demons" in the 41st year of the divine calendar, the famous forging master (Huang Shengping) in the human world found the fragments of the divine knowledge of Wuji and the evil and positive wind in the Tianmo yuan. Later, he lived in seclusion in the emerald bamboo forest to cast the knife. He captured the heaven and earth and gathered the spirit of heaven and earth to cast the knife. He also incorporated the fragments of the divine knowledge of the two judges into the knife and cast two throwing knives. After Huang Shengping died, the two throwing knives also disappeared into the world, It is said that those who get the throwing knife can judge people's good and evil and decide people's life and death... in 158 years of the divine calendar, a teenager in Wuping County, the Qin Dynasty, got the throwing knife

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