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Wen Jun chapter

Wen Jun chapter

Wen Jun chapter

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    Wen Jun chapter
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    The wave king is on earth
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    Pc Books
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2022-08-09 23:24:06
"Did you receive a mysterious gift?"< Br> "this is the micro action monitoring that our school is going to give freshmen a trial. We apply magic to it, which looks like a real gift."< Br> "I want you to be my companion?"< Br> "Liu Wenjun, 14, has light brown pupils and correct information." Hearing the footsteps leaving, Wen Jun opened his eyes and his eyes were black< Br> "never noticed that someone can match the wavelength of our soul so well." A man came out of a nearby tree. Wen Jun didn't know how to evaluate the woman in front of him. Being mature and dignified didn't seem to be enough to explain his style. Being gentle and beautiful seemed to be too narrow, beautiful and elegant, and the wind of beauty couldn't blow a hair. Eh! Unable to blow? Wen Jun stared at the person in front of him, "in fact, we know you, younger brother Liu Wenjun!"< Br> "have you made friends?" Wen Jun nodded slightly and sideways let Tang Da be seen by his mother, "I know a classmate." Tang TA couldn't help looking at the boy in front of him deeply. He was a little gentle< Br> "Alas! I'm late!" As the voice approached a boy, he publicized his hairstyle, a face similar to Wen Jun, but with a ruffian bad smile. After everyone noticed him, he said casually, "remember my name and say hello often in the future!" Turning his head and looking at the huge wolf head, "my name is blade."

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