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Undead near demon

Undead near demon

Undead near demon

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    Undead near demon
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    Three feet of life in summer, spring, autumn and w
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2022-08-06 05:32:13
In the ancient war, the conflict between the two forces is intertwined, and the demons destroy people and win Terrans give up the ancient martial arts and combine the fairy arts of the demon family to seek longevity and rise; The remaining evils of the demon family evolve into human form and abandon pure blood. They have the same desire as the human family and have a long cherished wish to cultivate into immortals Ye Wuwei, a nobody, is an unexpected passer-by. He will follow the guidance of blood and go against the torrent of fate to find the ancient demon whether it is planned for a long time or doomed, he will not turn back in order to return to the world he once lived in the fuse of the immortal fire has been ignited in his soul. There is a dream man on the road to immortality if you are willing to die, you can achieve eternal life? Lies, or doomed thousands of poisonous blades and sharp swords, thousands of cruel people and murderers. I am Ye Wuwei. Only this immortal inflammation can live forever in heaven and earth the sky is confused and says: who is the demon. Inaction stands on the ground, answer: immortality is near!

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