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Daming scientific man

Daming scientific man

Daming scientific man

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    Daming scientific man
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    Northwest first God
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2022-08-05 03:40:01
In this world, there are demons, demons, Taoism, Buddhism and science in the 40 years of Jiajing, the Ming Dynasty was full of ups and downs Emperor Zhu Houxi lived in Xiyuan and devoted himself to cultivating Taoism for a long life without asking about the suffering of the people in the world Yan Song, the treacherous official in the court, was surrounded by numerous followers and power, resulting in corrupt officials and empty national treasury there are demons running rampant among the people, burning, killing and looting, making the people miserable to resist the Japanese invaders in the north, to resist the Japanese invaders in the south, to fight against the plague in Jinan, to be greedy for ink in Zhejiang... at a time of great disasters, the cabinet was in a struggle for power, and it was urgent to kill demons and Demons, so the Ming Dynasty was forced to subjugate the country, and Chen Qing was forced to choose science to save the country he is guilty, but he has made many extraordinary achievements he was alive for only six hours at the beginning. An artificial snowfall completely opened his legendary life!

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