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Abyss Walker

Abyss Walker

Abyss Walker

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    Abyss Walker
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    Uncle Zhu Kun
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    Free Novel
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2022-08-03 14:19:19
Where will people go when they die Mingyuan gave countless dead a chance to be reborn, but the price was to reincarnate in countless time and space worlds... Han Kun was betrayed by his men and died reluctantly while performing his mission in the fire shadow world... he was reborn again through the filthy soil of big snake pill, but he found that he had been abandoned by Mingyuan although the United Army of the forbearance world won the final victory of the fourth forbearance World War, it was finally sentenced to ten years' imprisonment by Muye for its previous crimes... "I was imprisoned by the fire shadow world for ten years and endured humiliation only to return to the abyss. I want to ask myself, why did you betray me!" revenge begins with the shadow of fire!