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The fantasy adventure of the deer

The fantasy adventure of the deer

The fantasy adventure of the deer

Rating: 9 / 10 from 222 ratings
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    The fantasy adventure of the deer
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    One water mind
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    Hotel novel
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2022-08-13 19:51:04
The girl named Weilu, in order to revive her dead sister, came to the legendary star meteorite tower that can realize any wish of an adventurer. On the way, he experienced all kinds of difficulties with his companions Li Baobao, Mochi, tide star and Pierre. When he finally approached the truth, he found that everything was a conspiracy... in the process of adventure, Weilu met rose gentleman and invited her to play the Waltz wandering motorcycle riders who are always on the road and carry out romance and danger to the end bikini witch with powerful destructive power and pure and noble Church Saint autistic otaku creates a two-dimensional virtual world a beautiful girl swordsman from the lonely ancient family who vowed to carry forward the family Kendo Laurie, who is pure and good on one side and black on the other the stars never go out in the world watched by gentle gods female owners have no CP general direction

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