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Wing of miyou

Wing of miyou

Wing of miyou

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    Wing of miyou
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    Feather and wing
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2022-06-29 03:36:51
In the distant future, human beings will encounter the invasion of mysterious alien species. Their species are huge energy life "Miyu". They are annexing and strangling one by one, and the surviving human beings are forced to migrate to the abandoned areas human beings build an ecosystem and defense fortress "police Wesley" for human survival in abandoned areas. Due to environmental factors, human prehistoric common sense and civilization consciousness gradually disappeared. With the rapid reduction of population, the newborn children were taken from the ecosystem to "police Weasley" for numbering and training. They took the mecha that needs the cooperation and connection of the opposite sex. From birth, they were told that their mission is to fight and know nothing about the rest they have dreams and yearn for the broad sky and the outside world, but they are covered by hazy glass and fly towards the sky like a bird cage.

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