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Chess game in the fog

Chess game in the fog

Chess game in the fog

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    Chess game in the fog
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    Xiao Xiao Xiao
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    Long Novel
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2022-06-23 19:37:54
Chaotang regime, the Jianghu is turbulent, natural and unrestrained. Each character has his own dream and enjoys the troubles of the Jianghu chaotang together being a fool, he wholeheartedly plays in the Jianghu and enters the court for friendship. Thanks for your care, he has become a swordsman. The king Xue, who guards Liang Hua, is respected by the world there is also the old man who pursues kendo. He challenges Kendo masters again and again. Although he loses without regret, he pursues with blood. For his own pursuit, he is fearless. The world calls him Gu Sanjian the crown prince will live up to the expectations of people all over the world and protect the peace in our country. I will be competent for the throne of capital and will never be underestimated by people all over the world. I only love one person in my life and the infatuated man Yulong in the world others say that he is only for fame and wealth, so what's the matter? That's it. With his own strength, he breaks into his own world in Tiandu and can't become a friend. Don't become an enemy with him. The wind tiger is also called some people make lifelong efforts to pursue the way of heaven, just to open the way of heaven and go east to Penglai fairy mountain, Zhang Dan, who went to the end of the South China Sea by boat and spent his whole life seeking the way of heaven, was no better than Chen Xueling, who was awakened by the God of justice and the combination of yin and Yang Xiao Ling, a talented girl from heaven, is a lady of the family. She is a gorgeous girl with beautiful clothes. She is the princess of Ximin. She is gentle and lovely. She is the Oriental moon and the four immortals of Beichen. Xue Yanlin, King Xue of Qilin's blood, fell in love with the heirloom of the sword let's see how the two brothers Xue Yanlin and Yulong keep the world at peace and deal with all kinds of difficulties.

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