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Dark Lu Ming medicine

Dark Lu Ming medicine

Dark Lu Ming medicine

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    Dark Lu Ming medicine
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    Snowy monologue
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    The One Book
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2022-06-25 22:21:34
In 20XX, the 50th year after the Third World War, due to the large-scale use of nuclear weapons by various countries in the Third World War, the whole earth was seriously exposed to nuclear radiation, and the earth's environment and surface organisms had undergone great changes. Even some humans and organisms had special forces. These humans with special forces were called new humans, and their special forces were collectively called alien forces, Then creatures with special powers are called aliens< Br> due to the change of the surface environment, only a small part of the earth can be inhabited by humans, while other regions have changeable climate and are full of various natural disasters. Due to the change of the land plate, there has been no national distinction for a long time. These human habitable areas are divided into five areas: middle, East, West, South and North. In addition, there are some floating islands< Br> this era is the dark age of the earth, so it is called the dark age. In the dark age, the dark continent, the world is shrouded in darkness, but there is still light in the darkness. Will light eventually illuminate the whole darkness or will darkness eventually devour the light?

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