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Become rich through the imperial examination

Become rich through the imperial examination

Become rich through the imperial examination

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    Become rich through the imperial examination
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    Enoch one
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    Garden Novel
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2021-11-29 16:33:01
In modern times, she managed to gradually realize the so-called financial freedom through hard work, but she didn't expect to die of overwork after catching up with orders for several nights, and passed through the ancient times in her sleep. Tire wear, did not find space, there is no other golden finger, just like in modern times, it is still reincarnated in the countryside. It's just that the gender has changed. Yes, she has become him in ancient times, "everything is inferior, only reading is high". She could not think of anything else to do except reading and taking part in the imperial examination? Moreover, in future generations, in order not to stay in the countryside to live the hard life of farming, she can study hard and become the "baby of others" among other people. In ancient times, she will never accept becoming illiterate and live a life of "facing the Loess and facing the blue sky" in this paper, the protagonist's ideological tradition follows the growth route of normal boys. Because the protagonist is not a good dancer, he intends to use his later understanding of agriculture to assist the imperial examination.

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