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Beginning of domain

Beginning of domain

Beginning of domain

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    Beginning of domain
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    Agaric brother
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    Day Books
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2022-06-26 16:28:30
Some people have created history, others are trying to change the future. Although those powerful people from ancient to modern times span the ages, they are just a few waves and fleeting in the long river of time the evolution of life involves survival and destruction the era of the universe has its end and rebirth the vast sea is chaotic, and the transformation of energy creates thousands of stars what is the ultimate Where is the origin no one can stand at the top of the vast universe, but there are always people who can't restrain their greed How did the world come into being Where does life originate the evolution of the world and the birth of mankind are always accompanied by all kinds of speculation after years of exploration, more puzzles will be born while answering questions. I don't know how many years of precipitation, the unknown has not decreased, and no one knows where the end is in the moon watching town in the far north, a teenager moves from cold to hot, creating destruction and rebirth he will uncover the ancient prophecy from the universe. The soul eyes have appeared. Who is the Lord of heaven the original name of this book is Wen Zhan Wanjie. If you have read this book, don't get lost.

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