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King: my big move hit rate is 100%

King: my big move hit rate is 100%

King: my big move hit rate is 100%

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    King: my big move hit rate is 100%
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    Meng 300
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    Free Novel
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2022-08-14 02:53:04
Long Yaofeng, the administrator of the ten thousand year water dispenser of the AMT team, was forced to play and carry the pot at the critical moment to sign in for the activation of the system in the first game of the competition, the reward system and the hit rate of heroic moves are 100% win the competition and gain the master mastery of the unexpected hero Narrator: he's here, he's here, he chose another unexpected hero opponent: if you keep your promise for hundreds of miles, you won't have time for skills, which is outrageous fans: it's over. At the end of the competition, there will be a group of pit goods taking the orders in the palace book again... long Yaofeng: I just want to say, who else!

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