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World wide travel

World wide travel

World wide travel

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    World wide travel
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    Winter Era
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2022-02-07 13:50:03
Night legend world, in the face of immortal werewolves and blood clans, Qin Yue smiled and put them in trouble with his backhand "I heard that you think highly of yourself? How are you now? in the biochemical crisis world, looking at the zombies and endangered humans everywhere, Qin Yue was a little silent, and then joined the umbrella camp without hesitation:" I'll help you. " Isaacs:" get out! Don't come here! " The terminator world reached out to hold the end and hit 800 kilograms. Qin Yue smiled: "what are you thinking? How can the power of the machine be comparable to the biological body I have worked hard to enhance to the extreme." (Note: the introduction only represents the world that will go, and has nothing to do with the order. PS: this book does not go to martial arts fantasy, no internal power, Reiki, etc., pure biological system, plus a little technology)

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