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Group pet xianzun, sweet!

Group pet xianzun, sweet!

Group pet xianzun, sweet!

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    Group pet xianzun, sweet!
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    Yan Qi
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    Happy Read
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Ye Chulian stabbed his beloved into the devil himself, regardless of the price, just for a start from scratch Ye Chulian, who started all over again, went back to the age of five. At that time, the man was just an external disciple who was bullied by others, or the little wolf who would still bite her after she had been warm for several years starting from the beginning, ye Chulian decided to take him in advance and spoil the little wolf... Ye Chulian: take off your clothes and I'll give you medicine Cen Yu: be gentle. I'm afraid of pain hiss, not quite right. In her previous life, the little wolf clearly bit out scars that could not be removed until she died, and the little wolf was not afraid of pain at all... Ye Chulian: I liked him, even if he really had the memory of his previous life and hated me, it wouldn't delay me from loving him Cen Yu: if I hadn't been possessed, wouldn't we have come to this point... Ye Chulian thought that her desperate return could stop cenyu's desperate future. However, the word "destiny" completely destroyed her efforts however, even if it is destiny, they will rush out of a path of blood and tell the way of heaven that my destiny is mine and not heaven... men and women are born again, 1v1 spoil each other, double clean, women are the ceiling of combat power, and men are growing rapidly this is a story written "rebirth revenge" and read as rebirth show love even if I am against the way of heaven, I will create another world with you.

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